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The Joke Entertainment

wpid-1323914847-picsay.jpg   The Joke Entertainment (Formally So Cold Studios) was founded in 2003 by Y.M.Mosley day it is often referred to as “The ENT”. Throughout the years The ENT, has been determined to make a name for itself in the Underground industry, with a unique style and sound that bares evidence of multiple genres. It has often been hard to place The ENT due to the unorthodox sound they bring. They have been consistent in their efforts to remain underground for the sole purpose of being about the music, the artist, and the movement. The Movement being more to benefit the Independent artist alike who also share the same passion for music.

Pandemic Studios 2.3

Pandemic Studios 2.3

Sub-branch of The Joke Entertainment, P.S. (Pandemic Studios) is the Audio/Visual. Incorporaing the original style of the ENT and blending it with a new mixing style, welcomes an excellent cinematic-like experience. From Hip Hop to Electronica and Drum and Bass to Alternative, P.S. is sure to add the extra spice to any production from The Joke Entertainment. Est. 4.1.13

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